Futurecom Exhibition 2018 was successfully concluded on October 18th, 2018 in Sao Paulo Expo. In this exhibition, we had displayed the FTTx, PON+CATV and PON+VOIP solutions, etc. Providing the high-speed Internet, HD VOD, voice services and the excellent dual mode performance of highly compatible with both EPON and GPON to the terminal subscribers.

During this exhibition, CHIMA showed the new series ONU and HGU products which could be highly compatible with both EPON and GPON Solution, and the full series of PON+VOIP, PON+CATV ONU models as well. Our products got great attention and interest from the customers, could meet different types of customers’ requirement. We had met many people inside and outside the access network industry, communicated the ideas with each other, and participated in the construction of radio and television network, promoted the development of information industry technology all together through this opportunity.Futurecom

PON+VOIP Series Products:
Voice series ONU includes 4GE+2FXS+WIFI (single/dual band), 1GE+3FE+2FXS+WIFI, 1GE+1FE+1FXS+WIFI, 4GE+2FXS+WIFI+CATV and other combination products, and provides hardware and software customization to meet the various requirements of different customers.


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