Broadband World Forum( BBWF 2018) was successfully concluded on October 25th, 2018 in Messe Berlin. In this exhibition, we successfully displayed our solutions of FTTx, PON+5G WIFI and PON+CATV, providing the terminal subscribers with high-speed Internet, HD VOD, voice services and other services.

CHIMA had showed the new high-density 1U GPON OLT, compact 1U EPON OLT, and newly-developed 5G WIFI ONU and HGU products during this exhibition. Our products had attracted the visitors great attention and interest, and satisfied the requests for customers in the European market. People inside and outside the access network industry have carried out active and deep exchanges and collisions of ideas in this exhibition, participated in the construction of radio and television network, and constantly promoted the development of information industry technology.

5G WIFI New Products:

5G WIFI series ONU includes 4GE+2FXS+5G AC WIFI (single/dual band), 1GE+3FE+2FXS+5G WIFI and other combination products. This series ONU supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual band WIFI, max WIFI throughput can reach 1200Mbps. We provides hardware and software customization to meet the various needs of the market.

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