Our History

Chima Technologies is a high tech enterprise found by a few technicians in 2006, with its headquarter in Shenzhen, China. Chima is a developer, as well as a manufacturer for GPON, GEPON, IPTV and VoIP equipments, providing the most high quality devices and professional OEM services for our customers. Chima is also a solution provider, we provide turnkey FTTH (Fiber to the home), IPTV and VoIP solutions for our worldwide customers, including ISPs (Internet service providers) and System integrators. 


Our Factory

We occupy an entire floor of 1500 square meters, mixed for office and factory use. We have R&D, technical support, sales, purchasing, finance, storage, shipping, production and Human Resource/Administration, Supervision departments in the company.

R&D dept: responsible for hardware, software and mold development.

Technical support: responsible for GPON/GEPON product applications and deployments, FTTH, FTTB, FTTO, IPTV and VoIP solution deployments, and online customer support.

Sales dept: responsible for before-sale support, after-sale support, customer relations, order placements.

Purchasing dept: responsible for purchasing of raw materials, supplier database and supplier relation management, supplier order placements.

Finance dept: responsible for internal company finance work, company assets management, company funding, etc.

Storage dept: responsible for company stock management and distributor stock management.

Shipping dept: responsible for shipping of orders.

Production dept: Responsible for QC, QA, production, functionality tests, stability tests, performance tests, assembly of products before shipment.

Human Resource/Administration: Responsible for staff recruitment, administration of office order and maintaining human relations.

Supervision Dept: Responsible for company strategy, marketing strategy, R&D strategy, Support of resources and supervision for the entire company.


Our Product

Chima develops and produces Managed and unmanaged IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3U,IEEE802.3ab,IEEE802.3Z layer 2, layer 3 Ethernet switches and Fiber Media Converters, ITU-T G.984.x GPON OLTs and ONTs, IEEE802.3ah, IEEE802.3av GEPON OLT and ONUs, IP PBX, IP phone and CPEs based on SIP protocol, Android IPTV Setup boxes, and WiFi Routers. To circle our product chain and to simplify the usage of our products, Chima also develops the management software that complies with the hardware products. We provide GPON and GEPON products with a unified NMS to simplify customer’s network maintenances, we also provide easy-to-use VoIP and IPTV solutions for customer’s quick deployments. 


Product Application

Chima products have been widely deployed by worldwide ISPs, small offices and enterprises. Families uses Chima GPON, GEPON ONUs and IPTV STBs for internet data, VoIP calls and TV programs, Small office users use Chima VoIP PBX, IP Phones for office calls, and enterprise uses Chima Ethernet switches for network distribution.


Our Certificate

Chima is an ISO9001-2015 company, we have our own quality control system. Most of our products are certified by CE, FCC, Rohs, UL and Anatel. Here are some of our CE certificates:

We also have our own patents, shown below:



Began our sales in 2006, now Chima serves more than 1000 ISPs and System integrators worldwide. Our main market is in South America, West and East Europe, South East Asia, Russia, Ukraine, Mainland China. Up to the end of 2017, we sold about 2 million pcs of terminal devices to our worldwide customers, and the number is increasing day by day.

Contact us

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