CHIMA ITSP Partnership

As a VoIP terminal developer and manufacturer, CHIMA works with worldwide ITSPs  to offer VoIP services to its customers. We list autherized and recommended ITSPs on our site for our customers to choose.Before we list an ITSP partner on our site, we test our VoIP devices with ITSP's  service platform. Puchasing VoIP terminals and VoIP Rates from CHIMA, and to purchase VoIP rates from CHIMA's ITSP partner, you will enjoy  discounts in both terminals and rates.

Worldwide Agent Partners

To offer CHIMA customers local convenience, CHIMA keeps looking for Worldwide Agent Partners. Become a CHIMA Agent, you will be represent CHIMA for a whole line of CHIMA products in your local area.

Worldwide Distributors, Dealers, Resellers

To break into more new global VoIP & Networking markets, and to gain more market share, CHIMA works with worldwide Distributors, Dealers and Resellers to give customers local convenience.We give the largest margin space, and offer the best support for our Distributors and Dealers, Resellers. We will not list them on our site for privacy purpose. However, all the inquiries received from their local areas will be forwarded to them, and all customers from their area will be asked to contact them directly.

CHIMA Supply Chain Partners

As a manufactuer & developer of VoIP and Networking equipments, CHIMA Technologies purchases parts and components. We are not a shopping-around company. To ensure the quality control, delivery time, and before-sale after-sale support, we works with stable suppliers. 

CHIMA Shipping Partners

CHIMA Technologies is not a shopping-around company. To offer our customers the lowest shipping cost,and to offer our customers the most secure transportation, we works with stable shipping partners.


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