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Stephen Technologies is a China manufactuer of VoIP and Networking equipments. As a manufactuer,
CHIMA keeps developing new and advanced products to meet the market needs. To support customers
better with their different needs, Stephen Technologies serves its customers with different level of business

CHIMA business solutions include Distribution, DealershiP, and ResellershiP.

Among these three business solutions, CHIMA ResellershiP service is the one

specialized for little/Small business customers.


As long as you are in either Networking or VoIP business, or in such relevant

business field but feel like to add/enhance your business lines; And as long as

there's no CHIMA Dealer or Distributor located in your business areas, you are welcome to resell any CHIMA

products that interest you.


Not only offering you a full line of Networking and VoIP products to resell, CHIMA also offer you plenty of

services that could help you gain more sales. The Benefits of being a CHIMA Reseller:


1. Lowest possible purchase conditions

CHIMA will, set up the lowest MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) for you to start resell CHIMA products easier.


2. Competitive Pricing

On regular basis, CHIMA gives NON-DealershiP, NON-Distribution, NON-ResellershiP customers average
pricing support. The prices offers to the above mentioned customers hold the lines to what other
manufactuers do. But for CHIMA Resellers, CHIMA offers prices that is under the average level in order to
keep CHIMA Resellers profitable.

3. OEM Services

For CHIMA Resellers, CHIMA offers Free Custom Branding service. This enables CHIMA Resellers market

a full line of VoIP and Networking equipments with their own brands.


4. VoIP/Network solution support

If you are a CHIMA Reseller that provides VoIP or Network solutions for your local customers, by request,

CHIMA gives you advices to choose the best product for your VoiP/Network solution.


5. Phone/FAX/Email/Instant Technical Support

Once you purchased CHIMA VoIP or Networking equipments, and if you face problems or difficulties of using

them, you can contact CHIMA by Phone, FAX, Email or Instant Messager. CHIMA will schedule, and arrange

to resolve your problem in 24 hours.

If you are interested in being a CHIMA Reseller, you may send:
> Application Fax to : +86 755 89963671
> Application Email to: resellers@stephen-tele.com
>>> Aftersale service
Stephen Technologies services all the networking and VoIP equipment we sell through our full team of
sales. In our warranty period (ONE Year) , we offer free repair service and free parts change to anyone who
had purchased our products. Out of our warranty period, we offer charged repair and parts change service.
If you have purchased CHIMA products, and if you need our service support, you may send us an email to
service@stephen-tele.com or fill out the form below and submit it to us.
Our service agent will be responding you within 24 hours.