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 Company and Products Overview

Stephen Technologies is a China manufacturer of VoIP and Networking equipments. As a manufacturer,

CHIMA keeps developing new and advanced products to meet the market needs. CHIMA VoIP products

covers a wide range of VoIP phones, Analog phone adaptors, IP PBXs, which most of them covers Sip, IAX,

H.323, MGCP protocols. With a wide range of protocol applications, CHIMA VoIP

products are able to be applied in different working environment. To support our

customers better, CHIMA keeps working with its partners to resolve compatibility

problems, and to provide business VoIP solutions;


CHIMA networking equipments covers a wide range of 10/100mbps fast switches, 10/100mbps pure fiber

switches, 10/100mbps fiber/copper switches, websmart switches, gigabit switches, websmart gigabit

switches, Layer 2 managed Ethernet switches, Layer 3 managed Pure gigabit switches, 10G core routing

switches, 10/100mbps media converters, gigabit media converters, etc. According to customer needs,

Stephen Technologies is able to develop/create a total new networking equipment to fit your different

Network application.

 CHIMA DealershiP Overview

To support CHIMA customers better, CHIMA offers its customers different business solutions.

CHIMA business solutions include Distribution, DealershiP, and ResellershiP.

CHIMA DealershiP service is specialized for MIDDLE sized customers whose business areas cross Cities

or States. CHIMA offers its Dealers exclusive right to resell CHIMA products in his business areas.

 Benefits of being a CHIMA Dealer

1) Exclusive Right of Reselling CHIMA products

Our dealers are exclusive in their area. With lower competition, they have larger market to sell more products

and generate more profit .


2) Most Competitive pricing Support:

Based on a MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity),CHIMA offers its dealers the most competitive pricing support

which helps CHIMA dealers easily distribute CHIMA products to their resellers.
3) Free Catalogs
There are total 100 sets of Free Catalogs to be provided to CHIMA Dealers free of charge. The free catalogs
are provided when CHIMA Dealers place the first re-order.
4) Free OEM Services
CHIMA offers all available OEM service for all CHIMA Dealers. Basic OEM service includes Custom
branding, Customized software, Software modification, Customized packing boxes, Operation Language
Customization, etc.
5) Free VoIP or Networking Solution
When Dealers needs to provide VoIP or Network solution to their customers, by request, CHIMA offers you
application solutions free of Charge.
6) Level 2 Technical Support
CHIMA offers its Dealers level 2 technical Support. Dealers can contact CHIMA by Phone, FAX, Email or
Instant Messenger. CHIMA treats Dealers' support requests as level 2 priorities, and offer solutions quicker
than what offered to CHIMA Resellers or any other Non-Distribution, NON-DealershiP, NON-ResellershiP
7) Free Promotional Samples
On irregular time basis, CHIMA offers Dealers free samples for promotion.
8) Priority To Carry New Products
As an innovative manufacturer dedicated for VoIP & Networking equipments, we never cease developing
more new products. CHIMA Dealers have priority to carry any new products.
9) Customers Directing
We wil forward all business inquires received from dealer's area to dealers and ask buyers to contact
dealers for purchase.
10) Flexibility of choosing CHIMA product to associate DealershiP with CHIMA
You are able to choose all CHIMA product models to resell exclusively in your business areas, and you are
also able to choose one or two CHIMA product models to resell exclusively in your business areas.
How do I become a CHIMA Dealer ?
1) Please stay at our website and take some time to understand our products. And see what products you
would like to carry in your market.
2). Choose the product that interest you, and inform CHIMA the model name.
3). Request a DealershiP pricelist from CHIMA.
4). Purchase evaluation samples for testing
5). After sample testing, sign an Exclusive DealershiP agreement with CHIMA
 Dealer Application

To apply for a CHIMA Dealer, please make sure that you describe your company and business in details.

Before taking your Dealer application into consideration.CHIMA will have to know:

1. Where you are from

2. Your company profile and full contact information

3. Your business type and sale ability

4. Your business area coverage

Your company profile, contact details, and everything about you will be holding confidential by CHIMA.

To learn more of the terms and conditions, you may:

>>> Send a Dealership Application Fax to: +86 755 83016321
>>> Send a Dealership Application Email to: Dealers@stephen-tele.com.

Thanks for your interest. Stephen Technologies Team