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 Websmart & SNMP managed 6X2 fiber optic switch
The STE-326-X3XM is a 10/100mbps fiber to ethernet switch that comes with websmart & SNMP
management features.Providing 2 10/100mbps fiber SFP port, together with 6 10/100bps copper port, the
6 X 2 optic switch offers you great flexibility of fiber type, and it gives ethernet RJ45 connections while it helps
you extend your network (up to 120Km).
The STE-326-X3XM current version is with 2 10/100mbps SFP slots, which it can be customized to 2 port
1X9 optic modules. The fiber ports of the STE-326-X3XM can be used for uplinking, which is mainly applied
in Fiber to the office and Fiber to the Home solutions. With Websmart management features, the 6X2 optic
switch can help you to manage the bandwidth, VLAN, QOS settings.
The STE-326-X3XM supports web & snmp management that enables easy access and manage the switch.
Support Telnet, Users can manage the switch remotely. When the network load is too heavy, users can
adjust the network flow by IEEE 802.3X packages.

Web Managed 6X2 Port Fiber Switch

STE-326-X3XM Websmart & SNMP managed Optic Switch

>>> Offering IEEE 802.1P priority, the STE-326-X3XM provides 3 modes of priority.
First-in-first Service: the switch will transmit earlier received data package first.
All-High-Before-Low: the switch will transmit high priority data package first.
Weight-Round-Robin: the switch will transmit data package according to the queue weight, transmit high
priority data package and low priority data alternately. The data package that are for low priority will not be
delay or rejected in this way.
>>> Providing Class of Service ( COS ):
With class service configuration and priority control, the STE-326-X3XM implements Qos function.It supports
data pakages' high and low priority, three modes of priority mode. If some port's Port Base is chosen, and
high priority is enabled, all data package gets into this port will be mapping as high priority.
If VLAN Tag is chosen, the switch will unscramble 3- digit priority mark in Vlan-Tag data package
automatically, if that mark is high priority, it will be mapping as high priority.If IP TOS/DS is chosen,
the switch will unscramble 8- digit mark in IPV6/IPV4 data package automatically, if this mark is high priority,
it will be mapping as high priority.
>>> VLAN Multi to One
This function regards ports as target VLAN, other ports can add into this target VLAN port as a VLAN group.
But after this function is active, the original setup of the VLAN group may be replaced or cleared.
>>> Broadcast Storm Control

Broadcast Storm Max Value refers to the Broadcast Storm Limited Value, for example, if Broadcast storm

packets received at 100Mbps in 10ms reach 127 (or the pre-set Max Value), switch will detect that Broadcast
Storm is happening. And it will start the Broadcast Storm Control function and give up the unnecessary
broadcast storm packets.
>>> Port Mirroring:
To monitor more than one port at the same time, supports port monitoring receiving, port monitoring sending
and port monitoring of receiving and sending modes, supports monitoring across different VLANs
>>> Port Bandwidth Control:
port bandwidth control enables you to control the transmission rate of each port, including upstream and
downstream, and stop the user of a certain port from using too much bandwidth. And user of other ports will
have more stable bandwidth. This function can be used in net café or broadband connection to smart
residential area.
>>> Trunk:
Trunk is usually called port aggregation, mainly used for hot backup, fault tolerant in uplink pipeline between
switches. Each port can be set to have 2 or 4 ports, port set to trunk group can be used only in trunk group, no
matter whether the port is being used in the trunk group or not.
>>> STE-326-X3XM Main Features:
> 2 Port 100Base-FX + 6 Port 10/100Base-TxHalf/Full duplex switch ports
> 2048 MAC address table (4-way hashing)
> Two queues for QOS (1:2 or 1:4 or 1:8 or 1:16)
> Port-based, 802.1p and IP TOS priority
> Store & forward architecture and performs forwarding and filtering at non-blocking full wire speed
> An aging function and 802.3x flow control for full duplex and a backpressure function for half duplex
> Packet lengths up to 1522 bytes
> Congestion Flow Control (HOL)
> IEEE 802.1Q Port-based VLAN and adjustable VLAN to support up to 32 VLAN groups
> Broadcast storm filter
> Port Mirroring
> Remote Management by Telnet
> Web management
> SNMP management
> Configure Half/full duplex, auto-negotiation and data-communication via web interface.
Network Protocols:
> IEEE802.3u 100Base-FX optical Ethernet
> IEEE802.3ah 100Base-BX10
> IEEE802.3x flow control
> IEEE802.1p priority
> IEEE802.1q VLAN




IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3U, IEEE 802.3X,IEEE 802.1P,IEEE 802.1Q

Transimission rate:


Number of Ports

6 Port 10/100Base-Tx + 2 Port 10/100Base-Fx

Physical Connector

Tx: RJ45     FX: SC, ST, FC

Wave length: Multimode Fiber: 850nm, 1310nm, Singlemode Fiber: 1310nm, 1550nm

Transmission Rate

10Mbps: 14880pps, 100Mbps:148800pps

Switching mode

Store and Forward

Flow control mode

IEEE 802.3x full-duplex flow control and back pressure flow control

LED Indicator

LED status of Link, activity, Full/half duplex, speed, and power on diagnostic function

Cable Support

10Base-T: 3, 4 or Cat 5 shielded / unshielded twisted pair, 100 meters max.,

100Base-TX: Cat 5 shielded / unshielded twisted pair, 100 meters max.

100Base-Fx: 8.3μm, 8.7μm, 9μm and10μm on single mode fiber and 50, 62.5 and 100μm on multi-mode fiber

Fiber Cables

Single Mode/Multi Mode fiber cable

Stability: 0.2mw/ ℃
Power Consumption ~ 5W

Power supply

AC:220V or DC:-48V, 50~60Hz

Temperature Humidity




-20 ℃ to 70 ℃

10% to 90%


-40 ℃ to 75 ℃

5% to 95% RH