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Free or charged, Stephen Technologies Co.,Limited offers OEM Service on the wide range of networking
and VoIP equipments for all its customers. To offer Free OEM services, Stephen Technologies may require
a minimum of purchase volumes. Different items, different MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity ) requires.
Free OEM service applies to any customers who purchase CHIMA products based on a MOQ.
To offer Charged OEM service, Stephen Technologies don't require any

MOQ to start with, what you need to do is to request and tell us your
requirements in details, and pay for it. And you will get the product
that is totally based on your requirements.
Charged OEM service applies to all customers who might intend to:
1. make a special software version for an unpopular application,
2. creat a different tooling for the product, which makes the product look unique.
3. harden the product, and make it suitable for a different / strict working enviroment application
4. creat a new language support of the product, and make it suitable for his local market
5. creat a new VoIP or Networking product.
Note: All OEM Service could be free of charge if you order based on MOQs.
 CHIMA OEM Services Range:
>>> Custom Branding:
If you want to sell networking or VoIP equipments with your own brands, CHIMA offers you Custom Branding
service. To enjoy the Custom Branding Service, you will need to order CHIMA products based on MOQs and
provide CHIMA your Brand logo in popular formats. CDR, PSD, JPG, GIF, BMP, etc
Customers' Brand logo are often printed or lasered on the appearance of the product.
>>> Software Customization:
CHIMA uses generic softwares for all CHIMA managed networking and VoIP equipments. On regular basis,
CHIMA doesn't make changes to the function and appearance of the software. However, CHIMA also serves
you with software customizations. Main Software Customization service include:
Add a customer logo into the configuration web page of the product / hardcode a customer's application
into the software / Customize a new language / Customize new functions for different applications /
Customize new software version for different applications / Develop a new product / Harden the product to .
meet strict working enviroment.
>>> Packing Customization:
Generally, CHIMA uses Generic packing for all CHIMA products, white, yellow or color boxes. If you don't like
the raw material or design of CHIMA's packing , and if you want to use your own designed packing boxes,
CHIMA is open to offer you the packing customization service. Main Packing Customization service include:
New Packing Design / Printing customer's brand logo onto the packing / Using customer appointed raw
material for packing boxes / Customize contents to print on the packing boxes.
>>> Tooling Customization:
CHIMA often uses available toolings for all CHIMA products. The tooling CHIMA uses could be of CHIMA's
private ones, and could be of Public tooling as well. On regular basis, CHIMA doesn't change toolings for
any customers. But if you wanted to change the tooling which makes the product look different and unique,
CHIMA is open to offer you the Tooling Customization service. To enjoy CHIMA's Tooling Customization
service, you'll need to place orders on CHIMA based on MOQs. And you need to pay for the cost of the
tooling as well. Once CHIMA created a new tooling for you, you own the property of it. CHIMA or any others
don't have the right of using your tooling unless you agreed to.
Note: All OEM Service could be free of charge if you order based on MOQs.