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VoIP devices Frequently asked questions

1. What protocols are compatible with your VoIP devices ?

There are a few options:
B. H.323

Most of our VoIP devices supports SIP, H.323, IAX2. We don't have a device that is compatible with standard MGCP protocol.

2. Does your ATAs support " Reverse Polarity " ?

Yes, all of our ATAs support " Reverse Polarity ".

3. Have you done any tests between your VoIP device and Asterisk PBX system ?

All of our VoIP phones, VoIP ATAs, E1/ISDN cards have been thoroughly tested with Asterisk PBX system. All of our VoIP phones except the SVP303, and all of our VoIP ATAs works great with Asterisk PBX system.

Our SVG300S, SVG400S, SVG500SO, SVG200SP, SVP305 are the items with best voice effective when work them with Asterisk PBX.

4.   Does your wired or wireless usb phones support SIP softphones ?

Yes, our wired and wireless usb phones support SIP protocol, some of them are compatible with lots of popuar sip softphones e.g VoIP buster, EYEBeam,etc. For VoIP Service providers, we can integrate our wired or wireless usb phones with our own SIP softphones or a custom SIP softphone. Our MOQ for a purchase order of usb phones would be 300 ~ 500 pcs.

Our recommended Usb phone:  50m range wireless usb phone USB-W1DW

Our recommended SIP Softphone: CHIMASIP Softphone

5 . We want to use your device to our IP PBX system, can you do a test before we make a purchase ?

Yes, we do. What we need to have would be one of your testing account and all the related information.

6. Is there any of your model similiar to Linksys SP2 ?

Yes, our SVG300S is an ATA that is very similiar to Linksys SP2, Linksys SP2 has got 2 FXS for VoIP and 1 WAN port for network connection. Our SVG300S has got 2 FXS port for VoIP and 1 WAN for network connection and 1 LAN for PC connection.

7.  Is there any of your VoIP ATAs support Auto Provisioning   ?

Yes, all of our VoIP ATAs supports Auto-provisioning. But clients need to set up their own FTP server for auto-provisioning.

8.  How can I get updated firmware of your products ?

We will publish all the updated firmware on our site. We are doing it very soon. Before we have it done, please write an email to support@stephen-tele.com asking for it. ice based on a extra purchase volume.

9. Do you have any E1/ISDN cards for Asterisk PBX ?

Yes, we do. We have 4 models for them. They are:
A.    AXIE     1 E1 port / ISDN Asterisk PBX card

B.    AX4E     4 E1 port / ISDN Asterisk PBX card
C.    AX4S     4 TE Port / ISDN Asterisk PBX card
D.    AX4T     4 T1 Port/ISDN Asterisk PBX card

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