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Media converters Frequently asked questions

1. What are your models for 10/100mbps media converters ?

STE-FMC       10/100mbps     free standing media converter
STE-MSMC    10/100mbps    multimode to single mode media converter
STE-SFMC     10/100mbps    Single fiber media converter  

2. What are your models for gigabit media converters ?

STE-8400M    1 Port 10/100/1000Base-TX+1 Port 1000Base-FX Ethernet media converter
( Single fiber, bidirectional )

STE-8401M 10/100/1000 mbps ethernet media converter ( Dual fiber, single mode )

3. What are your models for media converter Rack mount ?

STE-51X     Managed 16 Ports 2.5U TX to FX Rack Mount Media Converter
STE-51P     Unmanaged 16 Ports 2.5U TX to FX Rack Mount Media Converter

4. Can I insert gigabit cards to your Rack mounts ?

Yes, you can insert gigabit cards to our 10/100mbps rack mounts.

5. Do you have any multi mode to single mode media converters ?

Yes, we do. We have them for both 10/100Mbps and for 10/100/1000mbps

6. What fiber connectors do you use for your media converters?


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