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Ethernet switches Frequently asked questions

1. What are your product range for ethernet switches ?

A. Fast ethernet switch
B  Fiber optical ethernet switch
C. Fiber + copper switch
D. Layer 2/3 managed switch
E. Gigabit ethernet switch
F. Websmart gigabit switch
G. 10Gigabit core routing switch
H. Layer 3 managed full gigabit Fiber / copper switch

2. What is your MOQs for ethernet switches ?

Regularly most of the MOQs of our ethernet switche are 100 pcs.

3. Can you customize an ethernet switch for us?

Yes, we are willing to. Clients shall afford all the costs except free logo printing, for customizing an ethernet switch.

4.   Do you have any POE or Industrial switch ?

No, we have neither POE nor Industrial switch for the time being .

5 . Do you have any managed fiber optical switches ?

Yes, we do. Our models are:
S5008        8 Port Web-managed 10/100Base-Fx optical ethernet switch

S5016M     16 Port Layer 2 managed 10/100Base-Fx optic ethernet switch

S5224M      24 Port 10/100Base-FX + 2 1000Base-TX / SFP Layer 2 managed optical fiber ethernet switch

      12 Port 10/100Base-FX + 12 Port 10/100Base-TX + 2 port 1000Base-Tx/SFP Layer 2 managed optical fiber ethernet switch

STE-226-X3X1     Web- Managed 24 Port 100Base-Fx + 2 Port Gigabit card Optical fiber ethernet switch

STE-31B-X3X1  Web-managed  24 Port 10/100Base-Tx+ 1 Port 10/100Base-Fx Optical fiber ethernet switch

6. What is your delievery time for switches ?

23-28 days by confirmation of an order.

7.  What connectors do you use for your fiber optical switches?

Our connectors can be :

8. Do you have any 10 gigabit core switches ?

Yes, we do. They are:
A. S8010    10 Service slots security intelligent core routing ethernet switch

B. S6005      6 Service slots security intelligent core routing ethernet switch

9. Do you have any full gigabit fiber switches ?

Yes, we do. They are:
A.   S5024TF      24 Port 10/100/1000Base-Tx + 4 port 1000M SFP combo layer 3 ethernet switch

B.  S5024ST         24 Port 1000M SFP + 4 10/100/1000MBase-T combo Layer 3 ethernet switch
C.  S4012S           12 ports 1000M SFP interfaces Layer 3 routing ethernet switch
D. S4012ST          8 ports 1000M SFP + 4 ports 10/100/1000 Base-T Layer 3 routing ethernet switch
E. S4012TF         12 ports 10/100/1000 Base-T+ 4 ports 1000M SFP combo Layer 3 routing switch
F. S3800              8 Port GBIC security layer 3 routing switch


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