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 Chima releases Websmart & SNMP managed pure fiber & fiber + copper switches
Stephen Technologies releases 10/100mbps pure fiber, and fiber plus copper switches that comes with
websmart & SNMP management features.. Offering 1-8 10/100mbps fiber port, plus 1 -7 10/100mbps copper
ports, this series switches extend your network up to 80Km. The Websmart and SNMP managed pure fiber
, fiber plus copper switches are especially developed for SMB FTTH, FTTO, FTTD solutions.
>>> Main Features of Chima Websmart & SNMP managed fiber optic switches:
IEEE 802.1Q Port-based VLAN, Broadcast storm filter, Port Mirroring, Remote Management by Telnet, Web
and SNMP management, Port bandwidth control, IEEE 802.1P priority, Class of Service (COS), Simple QOS,
There are 3 current existing models, and 2 possible ones:
>>> Current existing models ( Click to see their specification ):

STE-208-X3XM Websmart & SNMP managed Optic Switch
>> STE-208-X3XM 8 port 10/100Base-Fx Pure fiber Websmart and SNMP optic switch

STE-317-X3XM Websmart & SNMP managed Optic Switch
>> STE-317-X3XM 1 port 10/100Base-Fx+ 7 port 10/100Base-Tx Websmart and SNMP optic switch

STE-326-X3XM Websmart & SNMP managed Optic Switch
>> STE-326-X3XM 2 port 10/100Base-Fx+ 6 port 10/100Base-Tx Websmart and SNMP optic switch
>>> Possible models according to a custom requirement::
> STE-344-X3XM 4 port 10/100Base-Fx+ 4 port 10/100Base-Tx Websmart and SNMP optic switch
> STE-353-X3XM 3 port 10/100Base-Fx+ 5 port 10/100Base-Tx Websmart and SNMP optic switch
Adopts best quality fiber modules for these switches, Stephen Technologies offers a 2-year warranty.
>>> CHIMA Websmart & SNMP managed optic switch es Current stock status:
Sample Available in stock: 10 pcs
Packing & Software brand: Generic packing & Software
>>> OEM terms & conditions:
Sample & Initial orders: Free custom branding.
50 & 50 + pcs : Free custom branding, free custom branded packing box, free custom branded software.
Initial order qty: 10 pcs
Minimum order qty ( MOQ ): 30-50 pcs
>>> Shipping term: FOB, CNF, or CIF
>>> Shipping method: By air or see
>>> Delivery time: Within 29 working days by receipt of deposit
>>> Payment Access:
1) Sample order: To be paid by T/T in advance or Western Union.
2) Bulk purchase:
30 ~ 50+ pcs: 30% Deposit T/T in advance, balance be paid before shipment
>>> Get a quote:
please email to : sales@stephen-tele.com and copy to stephen.technologies@yahoo.com
to ensure arrival of your email.