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 Chima releases Telecom Grade 24 port Fiber X 4 Gigabit Uplinks Layer 2/3 optic switch
Stephen Technologies releases Telecom grade 24 port 10/100Base-Fx, plus 4 port 10/100/1000Base-Tx
Uplinks layer 2/3 managed optic switch, the STE-228-X3X1. The STE-228-X3X1 optic switch supports deep
and full layer 2 management features, together with a couple of layer 3 management features, which greatly
ensures the security of a Telecom grade application.
>>> Main Features of Chima STE-228-X3X1 Telecom grade 24x4 Layer 2/3 switch:
Line-rate switching for all packet sizes and conditions, 4K Virtual Local Area Networks (VLAN) Groups,
Static L2 entries (immune from aging), Jumbo packets up to 9 KB (9216 bytes) on every ports, Ethernet/IEEE
802.3 packets (64 bytes to 1522 bytes), Optional source port check, IGMP snooping for 128 multicast groups
IGMP snooping per VLAN, MVR on user port ,802.1Q user port and QinQ user port, Multiple "multicast VLAN"
support, 4094 tagged (802.1Q) VLANs, Ingress filtering for 802.1Q VLAN security, Protocol-based VLAN with
priority, Independent VLAN Learning (IVL), QinQ frame(1526 bytes), 802.1Q frame(1522 bytes), 255 VLAN's
support per chassis, VLAN on trunk port, 802.1Q trunk on access ports and trunk ports, Layer 2 – Layer3
packet classification and filtering at line-rate, PVLAN between access ports and trunk ports, IEEE 802.1D
Spanning Tree Protocol, etc, etc.
>>> STE-228-X3X1 Data Sheet

STE-228-X3X1 Overview
Adopts best quality fiber modules for these switches, Stephen Technologies offers a 2-year warranty for the .
STE-228-X3X1 optic fiber switch.
>>> STE-228-X3X1 Current stock status:
Sample Available in stock: 10 pcs
Packing & Software brand: Generic packing & Software
>>> OEM terms & conditions:
Sample & Initial orders: Free custom branding. & custom branded software
30 & 30 + pcs : Free custom branding, free custom branded packing box, free custom branded software.
Initial order qty: 10 pcs
Minimum order qty ( MOQ ): 30 pcs
>>> Shipping term: FOB, CNF, or CIF
>>> Shipping method: By air or see
>>> Delivery time: Within 45 working days by receipt of deposit
>>> Payment Access:
1) Sample order: To be paid by T/T in advance or Western Union.
2) Bulk purchase:
30 ~ 50+ pcs: 30% Deposit T/T in advance, balance be paid before shipment
>>> Get a quote:
please email to : sales@stephen-tele.com and copy to stephen.technologies@yahoo.com
to ensure arrival of your email.